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Group tubing down the river in Zion National Park, Utah, enjoying a scenic float among rocky landscapes

Start Your Tubing Adventure at Zion River’s Edge!

Experience the thrill of Virgin River tubing adventures in Zion National Park, perfect for a delightful outdoor tour that the whole family can enjoy.
Solo tubing adventure on the Virgin River in Zion National Park, Utah, with lush surroundings and clear water

Set off on a peaceful adventure and enjoy a calming float down the Virgin River!

This relaxing activity is perfect for all ages, offering a laid-back and enjoyable way to connect with nature. The gentle currents and comfortable water temperature make it an excellent option for everyone.
Woman enjoying a relaxing solo tubing float in Zion National Park, Utah, surrounded by rocky cliffs

Begin a peaceful adventure as you drift gently down the serene Virgin River.

Get ready to relax in a deluxe tube and float peacefully down the Virgin River in sunny Southern Utah. Enjoy the stunning landscapes and create unforgettable memories as you drift along.